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SUEDWIND EQUESTRIAN™ is a young shoe brand in the equestrian market. It combines classic style with function.

SUEDWINDS™ are designed for people with a sense for modern fashion but made for unlimited comfort.

The result is a unique and timeless style with maximum comfort and function.



Where the brand name SUEDWIND comes from -

"The Myth of the Horse"

„When God created the horse, He spoke to the south wind (SUEDWIND),

‘I will create an animal from you, wind. For the glory and advantage of all My people...‘ The south wind then replied, ‘Do it my Creator.‘ 

Then God took the South wind and told the wind,

‘I create you to be unique. All the treasures of the earth rest between your eyes. On your back, you will carry My friends. I make you master to your friend. All over the world, you will be happy. I favor you over all the other creatures of the earth. The love I give you is the love of my creation. I grant you power to fly without wings and to prevail without sword.‘ “
-- Excerpt from an Arabic myth --

Mission - Our mission is to always provide the best quality and prices.
Vision - Our vision is to establish trust and have absolutely satisfied customers.
Statement - We believe our customers and relationships are essential to our success.